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Non-Piercing Nipple Jewelry

Each Starlight is hand-made from Sterling Silver, then soldered and polished for a silky smooth feeling against skin. Interior space is adjustable to accommodate different Nipple sizes. Size refers to width measurement and weight of wire, not center space.

14k Gold Starlight

14k Gold/Medium: $450.00/pair

14k Gold/Large: $550.00/pair

Medium Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver/Medium: $65.00/pair

Large Sterling Silver
Sterling Silver/Large: $80.00/pair

Large w/Dangles and Crystals
Sterling Silver/Large with Dangles and Crystals: $95.00/pair

Two Sterling Silver Non-Piercing Nipple Jewelry Starlights are attached to a 42" Sterling Silver Cable Chain with Sterling Silver Heart Slide in the center.
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