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Due to the complexity of combining three individual custom Cockrings,
it is very important that the measurements are absolutely accurate. Please obtain three separate sets of measurements to ensure a proper fit.

PRICE: $1,250.00

It's important that each metal cockring is the right size. If it's too big, it won't work, but if it's too small it can be uncomfortable and potentially harmful. Sensual Silver makes cockrings to your precise measurements. Each cockring is individually handmade by a master jeweler to make a personalized ring that will be perfect for YOU. It's important for you to take your measurements carefully to ensure your ring gets made to your proper specifications. After you have placed your order, please email us for further instructions on how to take your measurements. Estimated delivery time on custom cockrings is 2 weeks in the U.S. All our designs are also available in 14k Gold or with other custom designs such as diamonds or other gemstones -- please email us for custom estimates.

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